HMRC Simple Assessments

HMRC Simple Assessments

HMRC have now issued what they call a simple assessment PA302, or an informal tax calculation a P800, but be warned!


This is a way where they pick up all your tax information from various sources and issue an assessment either demanding tax or offering a refund. However, you cannot be completely secure in the knowledge that they have picked up every source of income or every source of tax that you have had deducted.


Without filing a Tax Return HMRC cannot guarantee that all the information it has on you is up to date.


What is more, if it makes an error it is still your responsibility to put it right or possibly face a penalty.


If you receive a P302 or P800, check it thoroughly or pass it to us to have a look for you.


More and more, HMRC are issuing revised Coding Notices trying to collect tax via the PAYE system, i.e. the tax due on dividends and other sources of income. These do not have to be collected in this way – they can be dealt with under self-assessment per your Tax Return.


Do not allow yourself to be bullied on this – HMRC have even tried to bully us by saying that our client should be able to ring them up and deal with matters!